Development Finance Institutions Fund Green Resources Land Grabs

Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) describe themselves as supporting public private partnerships to enable economically, environmentally and socially sustainable forms of development. This report exposes the reverse, with DFIs funding projects associated with land grabs in Africa. Green Resources, the industrial plantation forestry carbon offset company we continue to follow, is named as poster child for failed corporate conduct. Read more

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Carbon Colonialism: How The Fight Against Climate Change Is Displacing Africans

A powerful set of stories that show the impacts of pinning our hopes on carbon trading to address climate change. Amongst the case studies cited includes our work in Uganda, as evidence of the costs of establishing carbon markets in the global south.

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Oakland Institute responds to CEO

Response to Mads Asprem (CEO, Green Resources) by the Oakland Institute, 9 November 2014 The following is the full response by the Oakland Institute to the letter written on the 3 November 2014 by Mads Asprem, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Green Resources.  The response can also be found on the Oakland Institute’s website ( To read the original letter from

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