All the links on this page refer to events or media reports  connected with the report and/or website: and The Darker Side of Green: Plantation Forestry and Carbon Violence in Uganda (report published 4 November 2014).

To access the free full-text version of the report, please visit the Oakland Institute website.



Carbon Colonialism

(Mint Press News, 2 December, 2014)

Carbon Markets and the New Scramble for Africa

(Motherboard, 1 December, 2014)

Avviser kritisk skog-rapport

(Bistandsaktuelt forside, in Norwegian; 10 November 2014)

Africa: The Darker Side of Green

(; 6 November 2014)

The Darker Side of Green

(Pambazuka News; 6 November 2014)

Kaller norsk klimaskog «karbonvold» 

(, in Norwegian; 6 November 2014)

Karbonvold: Den mørkere siden av “grønn”

(Spire, in Norwegian; 5 November 2014)

The real cost of green developments 

(UQ News; 4 November 2014)

Carbon violence: The impact of Green Resources’ carbon plantations in Uganda

(REDD-Monitor; 4 November 2014)

Seminar on carbon violence at Litteraturhuset in Oslo on Tuesday 4 November 2014

(; 4 November 2014)

Press Release from the Oakland Institute

(Oakland Institute; 3 November 2014)

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