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Evictions destroying food and farming

“…some crops were slashed down, and they used chemicals to spray crops. Even the animals fed on the crops [that were] sprayed, have died.” (Focus group participant, Mayuge District). In addition to the enclosures predating Green Resources’ tenure, recent accounts of forced relocations are directly linked to expansion of the company’s plantation activities. Some villagers shared accounts of their homes

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Community development misses target

“What is the use of medicine if we have no land to grow food and no schools to ensure there is a future for our children?” Villager, Mayuge District. Green Resources has committed that ten percent of profits will be directed towards community projects,[i] and as part of its community development plan, albeit with limited consultation with affected villagers, Green

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About Green Resources

Green Resources is reportedly the largest plantation forestry, carbon offset, forest products, and renewable energy company (outside South Africa) operating on the African continent. Company background Green Resources started under the name Fjordgløtt in 1995, and was later renamed Tree Farms, before adopting its current name in 2007.[i] Green Resources is connected to a broad financialization of forestry. In recent decades,

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