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A history of violent evictions

“We were scared, fearing we would be put in prison. We thought if we resisted we would be punished, so we surrendered our crops in fear.” Village woman, Mayuge District The eviction of people from the land began prior to the arrival of Green Resources, driven in part by national policies to facilitate the privatization and commodification of natural resources

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Denial of rights and livelihoods

High rates of poverty = poor health and low life expectancy The scale of impact associated with Green Resources’ arrival in Uganda is significant. Prior investigation into this company has been limited, with the exception of the Norwegian organization, the Future in our Hands (Framtiden i våre hender), some journalistic reports in the Ugandan media and a few academic studies,[i]

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Uganda and carbon markets

Historical overview of carbon markets and Uganda In Uganda, a number of historical and policy drivers have enabled Green Resources’ plantation forestry and carbon offset activities. A brief background is provided here to understand the contemporary situation, including the transition from government management of land to a range of new actors, including the private sector and international donors:

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